Light and the Darkness

From beginning to end, spiritual development,what you need is what you get has always been my motto so it is with this book. You are not alone as you will see though many real life situations for beginners and advanced people on this path to spiritual enlightenment. Life & Beyond takes you through a journey covering meditation, feng Shui, many avenues are opened to development, remember knowledge is power, so it is that this book empowers you by endowing knowledge about this world of spirituality, in a very practical and everyday language working with you on how to add this tool in everyday life for work, love, relationships, energy cleanings and healing through yet another tool at your disposal.


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Life & Beyond

This book broadens the spiritual horizons. Prepare to believe there is a life after, for those who already believe the boundaries of this book will open the eyes of even true believers with its detailed accounts and helpful resource material for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

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Moonlight Magic
You will learn how to work magic your magic & learn about Chinese astrology, Fengshui. Learn to use nature to heal to clean energy ,learn about the spirit world how to communicate and how there are other dimensions & other beings & other planets with life.  How to tap into universal energy realize all that was and will be is with us now. Incredible detail how to make baths with plants.  Use nature to clean & heal– its all at your fingertips.  How to use energy for the everyday how to improve your love life your health your wealth it’s all here now.