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I use clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to tap into your particular issues happening in your life. So usually I hear, feel and see events or people through my connection with my personal spirit guides. I can provide answers to different areas such as romance, career, friends, departed loved ones and health concerns. Most of my readings are done over the phone as I connect via energy and do not need to physically meet. Price for a reading is $100 by the time we are done all your questions will be answered. I start by talking and giving you what the energies feel is most important. When I’m done I will ask you if there is anything not discussed you need answered. Most of what you wanted would be answered without you asking. Anything else will be answered upon your request.
Appointments are scheduled first by placing a payment on my Pay Pal account then scheduling your reading by phone.






When we connect through the phone, or in person, your energy comes through. As I am working with the human body, many times I am given information about your health and what can be done to improve it. I’m not a doctor so when medical information comes, I suggest consulting your doctor as I do not diagnose but I can guide you with the information I receive. 

Appointments are scheduled first by placing a payment on my Pay Pal account ($221) then scheduling your Healing time by phone 786-285-3760.



Feng Shui Analysis

The more we know the better we can navigate through our daily lives, the study of Chinese astrology is another way we can better the human condition. Your life and the life of those close to you can be improved by a little more knowledge; did you know that there are good and bad directions for each person, while a good direction front door can enhance most things in your life, any of the wrong directions can block and close doors you would like opened.  Not feeling good, not sleeping well, perhaps the room you are currently using as a bedroom is one of your negative directions.  If you want to get a better job, knowing a good day for the interview can maximize the chances of getting the position.  Love is in the air, what days are better for new beginnings, when to get engaged, wedding day.

Appointments are scheduled first by placing a payment on my Pay Pal account ($221) then scheduling a time by phone 786-285-3760.




Energy just like water can become stagnant in areas of a home or office. This can be caused by residual energy of events, people or how energy flows in the space. Energy or entities can also affix themselves to our own energy because it has been attracted by your vibration. Symptoms of this type of energy can be depression, tension, restless sleep, lack of focus or energy. I help you clear the space of negative energies and from those that have formed attachments to your energy field. Several different methods are employed to do this among them are help from my spirit guides, prayers and tobacco smoke similar to native traditions of smoke smudging. (Price $221 – higher depending if travel involved)



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