Energy of the day:

It’s a new year so open your heart to new people, cultivate your old relationships, it’s a new beginning so change your tune and become all you can be.   A wonderful energy of beginnings so start any new project and trust this is your year.  If a capricorn it’s time to revisit those plans you’ve sidetracked, new year, forward motion is your now.   Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Dog, Pig, all with good flow so enjoy the day and pull the trigger on all things you are hopeful for.

If today is your birthday:

Incredible stubborn streak, will get it done but at your pace, can have vitamin D deficiency if not getting enough sun light.  Perception of the spiritual world is good, trust your instincts and all will end well otherwise regret could be your outcome.   Nature is a good thing for you, go outside plenty and energize with the natural world.  If you have any twins in the family there is a chance you might continue with twins or someone in your direct line like a child.