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Feng Shui Analysis


Feng Shui Analysis


Clean energy and positive vibes

The more we know the better we can navigate through our daily lives, the study of Chinese astrology is another way we can better the human condition. Your life and the life of those close to you can be improved by a little more knowledge; did you know that there are good and bad directions for each person, while a good direction front door can enhance most things in your life, any of the wrong directions can block and close doors you would like opened.  Not feeling good, not sleeping well, perhaps the room you are currently using as a bedroom is one of your negative directions.  If you want to get a better job, knowing a good day for the interview can maximize the chances of getting the position.  Love is in the air, what days are better for new beginnings, when to get engaged, wedding day.

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“Feng Shui, when implemented correctly will present you with many opportunities. What you to do with those opportunities is your Karma…”.

Shivani Adalja
Years Healing

Give your home and office interiors a unique touch with Healing and Feng Shui techniques.

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Readings and Healing over the phone in 15 countries and 34 states, TV and radio as well as events and group chats on development based on my book Life and Beyond. With my energy work and cleansing I’ve been able to help thousands and nothing is more rewarding than helping those in need, thanks for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many.

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