Energy of the day:

Do you feel the need to take a step, today is the day the energy is good for asking for what you want.  So if you want an engagement and fear the answer, today is the day, same for work, been wanting that extra money in your check, ask, want a promotion good day to ask.  It’s a good day for rituals, so try some today, can only make things better.  You can visit my YouTube channel, I have over 60 videos with plenty of good steps to clean your aura.

In this month of January the signs that are most positive as sun sign, rising and moon signs in: ARIES & LIBRA

If today is your birthday:

Reality is that the world can be a tough place to navigate, try and not let emotions get the better of you especially if you hold on to them, remember most body issues become because you hold on to your hurt or anger, let it go and the body will thank you.  Yellow is a good color for you, try to often on a sunny day look towards the sun and say as you shine so does my life.  Get yourself into the bright sunny zone instead of the gray areas.