Energy of the day:

Another good day a day where you have a better chance to obtain what you have been wanting, ask and you might receive, don’t doubt if you feel it’s right ask.  So ask that special person to move in together, ask for that promotion, more money at work.  Hey all these things are more attainable if you have already done the work and just fear the answer.  The Snake will have an extra good chance to achieve what you want today so take your good luck for a spin.

This January the signs with mix energies are:  Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn

If this is your birthday:

Wish upon a star and a star you will be, moody and well you know, so stay in the happy zone, mood swings won’t help you in the long run, if you have a sweet tooth take care or your teeth even a sugar issue can ensue.  Trust your dreams, follow the good ones, and detach yourself from any negative flows in your dreams.  You could be an old soul and if so connecting with nature will be a good connect.  If you are a woman, keep an eye on your menstrual cycle might be heavy flo, even painful but should not have any serious consequence.