Energy of the day:

A good day for destruction, you can clean out and tear down that old shed, that old bathroom needs remodeling so time to tear down that wall.

Pisces:  If things got real, it’s time to shift gears and maybe try a new direction.

Virgo:  Put in the work, time to accomplish, stop wasting time.

If today is your birthday:

Look around and see if you have a birth mark on your body if you do you were blessed by your ancestors and as such will probably have a long life.  Your creative and or artistic talents might just be a way for you to make a living.  Try sales anything related to the public, you are blessed with good looks, you attract people to you so give yourself a break and maybe look into politics or in front of camera.  The possibilities are as varied as there are fruits on an apple tree.  Family, creative, stop dwelling on the past, unwavering worker, can work long hours, good stamina.  A sign that tends to attract so probably good looking, all you dream you will manifest is a positive potential for this sign.  Can lack family if this occurs can suffer as family time is essential for this sign, make sure when you marry it is to someone pays attention in the divorce gives you plenty of T.LC. Tender loving care this is also the date that needs to exercise in order to stabilize the mind the battle ground, never the real world.  Can do sales generally a good communicator, charisma does well in public can be a politician a good public speaker.