Energy of the day:

Today of all days it’s a good time for you to follow your dreams, what you have been wanting to accomplish should be started on this day, so pull the trigger and just know it will go well.   If you are a virgo your energy will put your over the top, the harder you work the more you will achieve.  Rabbit, today you will hop on the highway of success so enjoy the good energy and don’t waste your time, rather accomplish, take that first step that will lead you the rest of the way.

If today is your birthday:

Try and tone down the intensity and let your charisma shine through, you have an intangible ability to get others to follow or at least get them to do what you need / want, use it but don’t abuse it.  You’re the type that walks to the beat of your own drum, so what if sometimes you are not part of the crowd, you are built to stand out.  The energy your were born under opens doors to the ocean, outdoors is your best place to replenish, enjoy every day for you are a child of nature.