Energy of the day:

Today is the best day of the month, so this day will align well with all your positive endeavors.

Aries:  If you feel you’ve been taking one step forwards, two steps back, it might be time to work on your energies, this year does not need to be a loss, clear your path and forward you will go.

Libra:  You feeling the stars is the limit, so with all the time in the world what will be your best path, your guiding light, make sure before proceeding.

If today is your birthday:

You hate injustice, you have the power to make changes in the broad spectrum.  You can make a positive or negative impact to the masses, maybe politics or teacher, any position that molds how people think and guides them on a certain path.  You feel with your creative orientation and brains sky’s the limit, sometimes you feel you are not getting the rewards you deserve or even that most don’t get you.   Patience will get you where arrogance will not, what you think is stupid is as good as some can do so again patience with the lessers will be your lesson in growth.