Energy of the day:

A day we can continue regularly, keep pace with your routine, tomorrow will be another day, if your energy is better you may take it to the next level otherwise keep pace with the day.  Aries if you feel a bit disoriented or lost try and focus on your path, perhaps create a game plan for your project don’t be idle it will com.  Monkey, Rooster and Pig have very positive energy today so for you the odds of good outcome to any endeavors will increase.

If today is your birthday:

Be the leader, your talents or brains can lead you far, don’t let the insecure side bring you down, intelligence can come from genes or you can develop talents like music, and these will help balance your negative tendencies and enhance your thought processes.  Stay away from black and try bright colors, you will thank the universe.  Your incredible connection with nature will let you fly, try exercise, it will bring you level so you can compose.