Energy of the day:

Great energy day to keep it going, whatever your plans have better chance of achievement because of the stable energy on this day.  Good day for strategy, keep in mind today will give you better energy so any endeavor even personal will have an impact on this day.  It’s a power day so if you have interviews or professional meeting wear something red, even a headband, bow, underwear, you get the idea.

If today is your birthday:

Your duality can be a positive, but some might look at you and say, make up your mind, as you get older you might have tendencies towards bossy energy so if properly applied to leadership this can be a positive, try and eat healthy as your digestive system can be a bit finicky so probiotics and digestive enzymes might be a good idea for this birthday.  Don’t work so hard that you loose interest in other areas of your life, remember balance is essential.  For the purpose of spiritual protection tie a thin red ribbon tied to your left wrist will be a plus.