Energy of the day:

Avoid doing anything important as the days energy is more about destruction, so if you wish to tear down that old shed, maybe knock down that big stump, so today will be a good day to pray, meditate, some cleansing rituals.  If you are a Taurus then don’t let the fact that you are not losing that weight for example get you down, focus on the half full glass and let your sails take you through any down until you are back up again.

If today is your birthday:

For you, sky’s the limit, teacher, counselor, be of service and your life will find balance, as a doctor, nurse, teacher, uniform of some sort etc.  Be careful if you tend to be clumsy, pay attention where you are walking, as you get older if you don’t pay attention to legal stuff you can get a parking ticket and because of negligence pay a few hundred dollars more, you get the point.  You have an innate drive that will take you to achieve stay the course and you will not fail.