Energy of the day:

An open day is usually good for any positive endeavors, stay away from anything negative as it will tend to stifle your day.

Taurus:  As the year beginnings you are reborn with a new hope and expectations, if not yet soon will be your good year.

Scorpio:  Stop overanalyzing and prioritize, you can do it all, just not all at the same time.


If today is your birthday:

As an old soul try and overcome these feelings of being stuck, you are wise enough to realize that as an old soul you have this expansive flow that might transfer into the feeling of not enough but in reality, it’s just pushing you forward, you are open to change, not running away rather changing your situation with your creative artistic potential.  Faraway places, travels will triumph away from your birthplace, in other words if you were born in Miami FL, you will triumph in a foreign land or far from your home birth like maybe, west coast etc.  Fascinated but the eclectic life, folklore, new beliefs, will explore new places, new things so inventors, work in the C.D.C., librarian, knowledge is power.  Indiana Jones type, like the movie, adventure beckons, careful with female area or prostate if male, the colon can be something that can affect either sex.