Energy of the day:

Today the energies are very low so if you can avoid doing important things then maybe clear your energies so you can still have a productive day.

Taurus:  Practical changes are upon you, slide into it, no big deal.

Scorpio:  Time to get to the gym, might bring you more positive evolution than you think, healthier and sexier, a no brainer.

If today is your birthday:

Get a sapphire stone and as you wear it will ward off negative energies, remember to prepare it by washing under running water, let it sit outside at night and over day to charge it for battle of protection.  You might have low immune system so eat well, sleep well, exercise, take vitamins and you will overcome any health shortcomings.  Make time and prepare for inspiration it’s just around the corner of life;  your primary mission for this birthday is to be of service, anything medical, psychology or even teaching will work.  If you happen to b a little clumsy maybe meditation, yoga, taichi will be good focus exercises.