Energy of the day:

The scattered or volatile energies of the day tells you not to work on something you want badly to succeed, granted this is the universal energy of the day but if your own energy is good it will definitely override the trend of the day.  My personal preference always do the most important things on a day where your energy and the day’s energy are at their best, this will give you the best chance at whatever your endeavor’s success.

If today is your birthday:

Your good with animals, if you have a healthy respect for them it’s because you were bitten by an animal in a previous life.  You will travel a lot in your lifetime, it’s never too late to get started so go for it.  Write down, journaling might be a good way for you to troubleshoot your emotions, I like when you have an event ” a moment where you blew your top” to give it 30 days and then revisit what you wrote, it might help you understand yourself and even learn not to overreact.  You have some moments where you are just on point, that can be you most of the time, don’t take on more than you can chew!