Energy of the day:

Today is your day, it’s time to ask for that promotion, start that new venture, it’s a starting day, whatever you have been thinking of doing, ask for a promotion, more money etc.  today is a good day for a yes outcome.   If you are Gemini then work on your structure, if feeling like a bit scattered, do not fear, you will go through the top by some simple steps, organize, structure, write your to do and you will do more than you can imagine.

If today is your birthday:

Be careful with an animal bite, a dream might actually be a message, try a creative endeavor.   You are sensitive, don’t have to act tough in fear of showing vulnerability, in most cases who you are will be an attractive feature and you might be blocking your best self by doing this.  If you wear glasses please check, check anywhere you might need them.  The ocean will be your best place to let go as you will tend to dwell, let it go.  Maturity will be a constant as you might be older than your age, driven to succeed, you can be structured but don’t forget to enjoy the journey and don’t just fixate on just the destination.