Energy of the day:

Great day to do anything important, remember use the flow to your favor, if you’ve had that project you have been planning to launch then this is the day.  If you also check and have good energy yourself this will double the chances of success, Monkey, rooster, Snake, Ox, then this is not your best day, the rest of the animals in the chinese astrology will do very well as the day’s energy is already good!  Gemini, you’ve been holding off, well today is a good day to pull the trigger and get going on that plan or new endeavor.

If today is your birthday:

You are an old soul, try and connect with nature, the natural world will help balance your energies, any exercise, specially cardio will balance your emotions, it’s no fun if you go off the reservations.  Your good qualities are plenty, start looking at the glass half full and you will be amazed how quickly you start doing better and better.  You have some charisma, don’t hide, take it for a spin,   you will do well wearing pastel colors of aqua, blue, green.  You are smarter than you believe, take your abilities to a new leven and you will soon climb to the top of your mountain.  You might be sensitive to some pollutants so place teardrop bottle in your refrigerator, each day add two cold drops in each eye, in the morning then in the afternoon.