Energy of the day:

It’s the worse day of the month with such low energy it can feel like you are stuck, try and use cleansing rituals if you must do something important so you may battle the stuck energy as it might be more difficult to push through, it might feel like you are in mud as you try to achieve on this day.  If you are a Cancer try and look at the bright side, if you look to deep into the reasons you are not making it it might depress you; however there is nothing like shining a light on the problem to then go about fixing it.  The Rat and the Ox will have a very nice flow today so you may achieve much, your energy works to counteract the stagnant universal energies today.

If today is your birthday:

Your nervous system can be wound up at times, you can be overly sensitive to those around you this makes you good at reading people, psychology might be a good route for you.  If you like nature keep a pet or two, remember animals have a soothing nature and for you it’s a plus.  If you worry too much you might have issue going to sleep, try working out early in the day so by the time to sleep you are ready to go, if you work out after work you might be too would up and a sleepless night will ensue.  Be careful with betrayal it’s good to be nice but not to be taken advantage of.