Energy of the day:

Some days are good for making connections, remember sometimes it’s better friends than money as they can open doors, keep in touch, if you have not reached out to friends for a while drop a line, text or email, maybe even a phone call just open dialogue and stay connected.  It’s a day that doors will open if you knock so ask for that promotion you feel you have earned and the odds of a yes is better today.  Capricorn, It’s sometimes better to just enjoy a good day and look at the glass half full.  You have many shades and layers allow yourself to peel some and you might let others see the best you, don’t hide today is a day to shine.

If today is your birthday:

Guided by the sun, good day of service, usually a person who is regularly active, maybe a few days quiet but active.  Saturn has great influence so order, justice, control is important for this date.  Usually very bright and organizational skills, disciplined by nature, they stay on top of mistakes in order to correct them, like exactitude.  They might appear controversial because of the energy used, could fall into addiction so caution dipping into the excessive obsessive like fanaticism in religion, hard headed, let’s say flexibility would not be the strong trait of this sign.  Patience is a virtue and you will achieve more if you are not in such a hurry, this is how mistakes are made, brains will get you a lot further than muscle so your sharp mind will always win out.