Energy of the day:

Today you might find it easy to not only engage in your goals but if you push actually find your ideas may turn into bountiful return.  A good flow day so a day where anything is possible if you’ve been wanting to initiate then this is a good day to start that project or pull the trigger on those plans you have.  Leo if you want to ignite your fire today’s positive energy will give you that extra push and your people will be there for you.

If today is your birthday:

Some in this date might be older than your physical age and thus can feel off, try, and understand that maturity can come early, live your age and you and your souls age will eventually meet.  Remember as an old soul you could be prone to dreams and messages, listen and know the difference between processing the day and a message from beyond.  If you are a woman stress can bring heavy flow or painful periods so find your groove through exercise, you might just find the best way to blow off stress.  Pay particular attention to your dreams, they reveal more than we imagine.