Energy of the day:

Expecting something good, that project that has not reaped returns yet, today is that day, need to ask for a bank loan, ask today, it’s a day to get returns on all your hard work, preparation is everything, own it today by asking, pull that trigger and the odds are on your side today.  Virgo today your productivity needle is through the roof so you go and make it happen.  Today the Tiger, Rabbit an Dog will have exceptional opportunity to get a yes on questions they prepared for.

If today is your birthday:

You can be a leader, don’t fear anything, your life will happen, and it will the way you dream, don’t allow anyone to be dismissive of your dreams.  Life will not let you quit, because you will evolve you will succeed.  Your dreams have a foundation so don’t allow insecurity to cut you off from becoming, don’t let others stand in your way.