Energy of the day:

Today you may be there for others or you may choose to work on you in either case today’s energy is such that whatever positive thing you attempt the odds of success is in your favor.  Initiate is the word for today, wonderful flow to achieve is in the air today.  Virgo today’s energy is very favorable to you so take advantage as this does not happen everyday.  The Dog today might want to try something new as your energy today shows possibility for success.

If today is your birthday:

Reality is that the world can be a tough place to navigate, try and not let emotions get the better of you especially if you hold on to them, remember most body issues become because you hold on to your hurt or anger, let it go and the body will thank you.  Yellow is a good color for you, try to often on a sunny day look towards the sun and say as you shine so does my life.  Get yourself into the bright sunny zone instead of the gray areas.  You might think your sensitive nature can be a setback, look again, be you and the world will love you for it, those who don’t are haters and you should cut them loose.  You can be impetuous and jump before looking, curb these impulses, in the long run we all fall if we don’t look before you leap, the law of averages, not my rule rather universal truth.