Energy of the day:

A low energy day it should be avoided for all important matters, if you have no choice then make sure you do some cleansing rituals, pray, meditate, clear your energy.  It’s easier to achieve if you look and feel good so put on your best and always hope for the best.  Libra time to reevaluate, feeling stuck, push through, don’t be pessimistic, those will positive outlook on life have the best life.

If today is your birthday:

Be careful with an animal bite, a dream might actually be a message, try a creative endeavor.   You do well with animals, maybe even thoughts of becoming a veterinarian, not a bad idea.  You are intuitive so maybe therapist of some kind will be your thing.  In either case you have potential beyond so go there and be all you can be.  If you need to seek dental advice go see how they are doing don’t wait till pain setts in.  A little moody, maybe you need to eat the right foods and drink more healthy things like water.