Energy of the day:

If you feel you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, perhaps it’s time to get rid of that exes baggage, those toxic people in your life have to go, that relationship that has become stale has to end, time for getting rid of all the garbage and you will see how much better you feel with 1/2 the load you’re carrying.   Scorpio time to take advantage of good energy so if a little disoriented it’s time to ask for directions, no bad question except the one not asked.

If today is your birthday:

Your nervous system can be wound up at times, you can be overly sensitive to those around you this makes you good at reading people, psychology might be a good route for you.  If you like nature keep a pet or two, remember animals have a soothing nature and for you it’s a plus.  If you worry too much you might have issue going to sleep, try working out early in the day so by the time to sleep you are ready to go, if you work out after work you might be too would up and a sleepless night will ensue