Energy of the day:

Energy today is unstable, not suitable for any important matters, does not mean you can’t just means you need to go that extra mile to get same results.

The major tenets of Western Astrology, as practiced by modern Humanistic astrologers, in the tradition of Allen Leo, Marc Edmund Jones,  and others, began with the codification of existing astrological knowledge by Ptolemy, near the end of the Greek era. During the period preceding the rise of Christianity, Astrology was widely recognized as a basic way of knowledge. With the middle ages and the supremacy of the Church in Europe and the beginning of the scientific world view, Astrology fell into some disrepute, from which it is still struggling to re-emerge today. Even so, famous scientists such as Brahe, Kepler and Galileo were astrologers as well as practitioners of so-called “hard” sciences. In recent times, there has been a division into camps, with most astronomers and other scientists coming down on the side of a disbelief and disregard for astrology, while the New Age with its revitalization of shamanic traditions and perennial philosophy has been in the camp of the believers and those working with Astrology.

If today is your birthday:

Smart and a good leader don’t let yourself fall under the weather and get depressed; you are good with animals so having a pet will help you if you suffer from a bit of depression.  Lead not follow is your motto, maybe even your own business, let this sign grow creative artistically inclined and you will balance and achieve much especially money.  Take better care of yourself be consistent in your nourishment and improve your immune system.