Energy of the day:

Stop wasting time, today might just be your day, want it, then today you go get it, been preparing and doing all the right things then today you will achieve so go for it.  A day full of positive energy will be a good day for you to get returns on your investment, no doubt just do it!  Scorpio with so much up in the air, start bringing some of your projects in for a landing, focus, you can do it all but not all at once.

If today is your birthday:

Smart and a good leader don’t let yourself fall under the weather and get depressed; you are good with animals so having a pet will help you if you suffer from a bit of depression.  Lead not follow is your motto, maybe even your own business, let this sign grow creative artistically inclined and you will balance and achieve much especially money.  No patience, grow some, we do our best when prepared.