Energy of the day:

Need things to go well today, you’ve got it, the energy of the day is very smooth so enjoy and ride the airwaves.  These days don’t come often so enjoy a stress free day, Sagittarius today you will feel it more than on other days, time to participate and stop procrastination.   Rabbit, Horse and the Dog you are not having the best energy today so improve your odds by doing some cleansing rituals and wash off that negative energy.

If today is your birthday:

You are a cool person to get to know, work hard and hard at getting people to like you, remember to be structured or people will not take you seriously, for you having a pet or animals in general is a good thing.  Connection to nature will allow you to relax and be better flow with your environment, not everyone matures so stay frosty but learn to be patient and don’t let your frivolous side take you away from growth.  Anger is a toxin, cardio is the antidote, feeling flustered it’s ok but do something about it.