Energy of the day:

Maybe today invite family to eat at the table, just to connect, no special reason except to promote family unity, all you do today will have long lasting results.  Remember on a day with stable energy is a day you could achieve much so take the day for a spin as you might just get the fruits of your labor today.   Sagittarius maybe today is a good day to start writing your dreams, you must move forwards so the more insight the better.

If today is your birthday:

Some in this date might be older than your physical age and thus can feel off, try, and understand that maturity can come early, live your age and you and your souls age will eventually meet.  Remember as an old soul you could be prone to dreams and messages, listen and know the difference between processing the day and a message from beyond.  If a woman you might have some intense periods, either painful or heavy flow, don’t let this deter you or worry for you will have children.  That stuck feeling is part of being an old soul, work through it, knowing is half the battle