Energy of the day:

Today is a day to start a new project, have you done the work, written down your business plan then today is the day to make it reality. A good day to build your roads to succeed, connect, network today is a good day to work on your relationships, you never know when you will need to pick up the phone and ask for a favor.  It’s always best to cultivate relationships, how would you feel if someone you have not heard from just calls to ask for something after a long time of not hearing from them.

If today is your birthday:

You will have a good opportunity if you choose a career with medicine, teaching or any type of legal career, the order is the most significant to the least.  Be careful with a clumsy bruise on your lower extremities, your love of nature, animals with bring you balance.  You are born to lead so your inquisitive nature could help you in the career of your choice, if you want protection tie a sewing string, preferably red in color on your left wrist.  You know you are smart so why so frustrated, let the ideas flow and you will go right along into success.