Energy of the day:

Destroy, the day is built to get rid of things, if you want to end a relationship that has become stale if you need to quit that dead end job the time is now.  Been wanting to gut that bathroom and make a new one, today is a great day to tear it down, want to get rid of that fence that’s falling down, tear it down today, you get the idea.  Capricorn, you’ve been procrastinating this is the time to do it, no more waiting for a better time no time like the present.

If today is your birthday;

You know not to quit, you are a thinker, outside the box you can use your creativity and make it into something more.  Your dreams will take you far, if you are an animal lover maybe you should look into becoming a veterinarian, the sky’s the limit.  You have spiritual insight, let your dreams show you some future information.  You love to help the underdog so maybe a public defender or other situation where you are helping those who cannot help themselves.