Energy of the day:

The best way to get done is to push and support your endeavors, today is a great energy day to support your plans, not a day to skip working on projects rather a day to get that project moving.  Aquarius this is the time to work on those projects, your structure mind will do well with jigsaw puzzles.  The Rabbit and the Goat have exceptional energy today so for sure these two animal signs should push the envelope to the next level.  Although the main energies of the day have an undertow of turbulence I still feel the overall energy can be what we put into it!

If today is your birthday:

If you need to go to the dentist go before it becomes a worse problem.  Reality is that the world can be a tough place to navigate, try and not let emotions get the better of you especially if you hold on to them, remember most body issues become because you hold on to your hurt or anger, let it go and the body will thank you.  Yellow is a good color for you, try to often on a sunny day look towards the sun and say as you shine so does my life.  Get yourself into the bright sunny zone instead of the gray areas.