Energy of the day:

This is another day where strategy is king, whatever your do with a plan will work way better today, initiate a new business will be well today, any initial steps towards a goal today will do well.  Definitely a day where great return on your endeavors so don’t waste time and make it a valuable day.  Aquarius this is a great day to plan ahead, be you and don’t try and copy another you will definitely have an auspicious year if you plan.  The Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon and Rooster are all good today so you above all the other animal signs will have an easy day to achieve.

If today is your birthday:

Love of nature will be your prize, if you open up the flow of the natural world will come into your life, you can be a bit headstrong, but I think if you want to evolve spiritually the opportunity for you to become all you can, will arrive but will you be ready or regret.  Your family line has twins in its history sometimes it will skip a generation or two, but it will come back if not with you then with your progeny.  If you happen to be one of those independently structured that does well on your own just work on your emotional side to best balance your overall life experience.