Energy of the day:

A day where the energies will bring smooth sailing nice day.

Feminine signs absorb energy from their surroundings and process it within themselves to experience it emotionally which is often seen in water signs. And masculine zodiac signs reflect energy from their surroundings. They unconsciously create a shield around them against the energy and push it off either with intellectual or intuitive responses. This is what air and fire signs do. Without absorbing any energy, they can quickly transform it into words or action. Which is why feminine signs are often considered to be calmer and slower-demeanor, while masculine ones are quite agitated and quicker-paced demeanor.

If today is your birthday:

There is a reason you like the outdoors; the sun supplements your vitamin D count so if you do not spend enough outdoors then take a vitamin D daily.   You’re a go getter and like the good life so work towards your goal.  If you feel spent then maybe your immune system can suffer so get enough sleep, exercise and three good meals a day.  Enjoy people for who they are, it’s not always that you must persuade people to change rather enjoy the differences.