Energy of the day:

A day of creation, today you can do any positive business transactions, start a new job, ask for that special someone to move in with you, you get the idea, don’t let the past interfere with your future.  In chinese astrology the Monkey does not have a good they so perhaps you can sit this day out tomorrow will be a better day for you.

If today is your birthday:

There is a reason you like the outdoors; the sun supplements your vitamin D count so if you do not spend enough outdoors then take a vitamin D daily.   You’re a go getter and like the good life so work towards your goal.  If you feel spent then maybe your immune system can suffer so get enough sleep, exercise and three good meals a day.   If you are a male, keep an eye on your low back, there might be some weakness in the chakra in that area.  If you are female, try and open up to the creative energies as they can take you far.