Energy of the day:

A day where you may release some carma, some days have a flow that will allow us to let go of attachments, today is one of those days, practice your cleansing rituals, meditate, pray, continue to do your rituals until you feel a difference, it’s not every day so try to do as much as possible today.  The Rat, Ox, Rooster, Dragon and Snake will have to work extra hard as our energies are low today.

If today is your birthday:

There is a possibility of a strong joining for lovers, if you are single make sure you accept any invitations to a party or event.  You work best in a relationship, I should say a good relationship, love is important to you so if you’ve been betrayed or otherwise feeling used or jilted you might need to analyze was it you or someone else’s fault.  Feeling tired overwhelmed, eat well, rest, sleep don’t give up, don’t give in just be honest to yourself.  We all like the good life listen to advice sometimes you can be a little hardheaded.