Energy of the day:

Today is another day to clear up bad karma, you can do more on a day like today than doing cleansing rituals on most other days.  Have faith and do as many different forms of clearing as you can on this day.  Prayer and meditation are incredible forms to strengthen your beliefs.  It’s a good energy day so whatever you do today will have a better chance of success.   The Tiger, Horse and Dog will have to work extra hard, your energies today are not the best, otherwise just sit back and wait, tomorrow will be a better day.

If today is your birthday:

Being hard headed is never a good quality, be open to input and don’t always think they are trying to tell you what to do.  Nature is beautiful, outdoors life will be good for you, plenty of sun and shake off any depressive tendencies, your leadership abilities will show early in life don’t throw them away as they will lead to a successful adult later on.  Have no patience, then find some, life works best if you breathe and think before overreacting.   If you’ve thought of having your own business good for you, write down your plan then re-read it before you pull the trigger