Energy of the day:

Today the energy is auspicious for getting returns on all those things you’ve been working towards, if wanting a promotion or more money, today is a good day to propose this, if you’ve done the quality work that should earn you this promotion or more money.  Not a good day for any legal matters, so if you have anything pending, settle it, if you have a court date, reschedule it.

Gemeni: Use pragmatism to plan ahead.

Sagittarius:  Reexamine where you are using your energy in working with others.

The Rat, Snake and the Rooster might need to take a step back today as your energies are not at their best.  The Goat has exceptional energy today so take it for a spin.

If today is your birthday:

You can be hard headed but if you let your guard down and try to just be ok with who you are accepting input from those who love you, don’t be defensive.  You like to defend those who are being abused in one way or another, so  you call it like you see it.  Take some vitamin D supplements, if you don’t get enough sun this could be a bit low.  You can be counted on so if you are busy learn to say no and this way you will not feel overwhelmed.  There could be delays, have patience, if something does not go your way, don’t blame others take responsibility.