Energy of the day:

Today’s energy is good to plan for the future, structure your plan, maybe your new business, do a housewarming and give thanks, if you’ve wanted to get that application in for that new job, today is a good day.  Ask for that hand in marriage, no matter today all initiations will have a good chance to end well, after all it’s about starting on the right foot.  If you’re a Gemini whatever you do with integrity will keep you balanced and successful; feeling overwhelmed, look inward and fine tune your goals.  The Rat, Dragon, Monkey and the Pig have very low energy today so for you unless you can’t wait tomorrow will be a better day to do anything and succeed.

If today is your birthday:

You can be hard headed but if you let your guard down and try to just be ok with who you are accepting input from those who love you, don’t be defensive.  You like to defend those who are being abused in one way or another, so  you call it like you see it.  Take some vitamin D supplements, if you don’t get enough sun this could be a bit low.  You can be counted on so if you are busy learn to say no and this way you will not feel overwhelmed.  There could be delays, have patience, if something does not go your way, don’t blame others take responsibility.  This birthday has a tendency to maintain your look into older age, so with minor working out and eating well you will look good.  It’s good to be smart bur better to be wise, think before jumping to conclusions.