Energy of the day:

Today’s energy is very positive so any project you want to succeed should be initiated today, good day to see the doctor, start a new class in school, get engaged, you get the idea all positive endeavors to begin will work well today.

The Ox is flowing with good energy today, extra kudos for you on any endeavors you wish to initiate.

The Horse today is not at it’s best so for you maybe a spiritual cleanse to get rid of the funky energy.

Gemini:  Plenty of mental energy today, so use it or miss opportunities.

Capricorn:  Refocus your energies as some are going to waste in the wrong direction or areas of your life.

If today is your birthday:

Day of the dead or the spirit, psychoanalyst, you will do well in any job to do with the mind, think outside the established box as they say.  Mystically, cabalistic inclinations, this sign can be a hypnotist any of these careers, magicians of sort.  Can tend to blame others no matter not your fault, learn to take responsibility and find your place in this or any world.  As a teacher you will do well you can be a teacher and the coach be careful with knee injuries or leg injuries as the sign can be a bit sensitive and clumsy.  Careful with addictions, some could be obsessed with drinking, gambling, sex, you get the idea, if that’s the case, find a way to let go of these as they can cause issue later in life.