Energy of the day:

Good for destructive endeavors, wanted to gut that bathroom and remodel, today is the day to initiate, wanted to clear those old hedges again a good day to initiate, cut down that old stump in the backyard.  If your home life is in disarray don’t overreact with patience you will find and solve the issues.

Below are some astrology tips about each of the signs:

Symbol\Name   Mode/Element                 Ruler                                   Keyword

Aries                     Cardinal Fire                      Mars                                   Asserting

Taurus                 Fixed Earth                        Venus                                  Possessing

Gemini                 Mutable Air                       Mercury                             Communicating

Cancer                 Cardinal Water                 The Moon                          Feeling

Leo                       Fixed Fire                           The Sun                               Creating

Virgo                    Mutable Earth                  Mercury                             Analyzing

Libra                     Cardinal Air                       Venus                                  Relating

Scorpio                Fixed Water                      Mars, Pluto*                     Transforming

Sagittarius          Mutable Fire                     Jupiter                                Idealizing

Capricorn            Cardinal Earth                  Saturn                                 Achieving

Aquarius             Fixed Air                           Uranus, Saturn*               Networking

Pisces                   Mutable Water              Neptune, Jupiter*           Intuiting

If today is your birthday:

You are a person who does not like being told what to do, nature and the natural world is a positive, ocean, forest, all good areas to balance your energies.  Creative endeavors will work well for you, writing for example or being in sales as your personality will be pliable with the public.  A long life is possible for this date as you go through life if you do the right things you will reach a ripe old age without any serious health issues.