Energy of the day:

The energies today are a bit turbulent so be romantic but choose another day to do anything important, lets ask to get engaged another day or married, remember we want to do important things on days the anergy is auspicious and today is not that day.  Take the day and relax tomorrow you can get back to important activities.

The Rabbit, Monkey, Dog and Pig might have it a bit more difficult as today is also a less than positive day for these animals.

This year Feng Shui shows the areas of the home or work to be auspicious are the north, south northwest, northeast, southeast! the areas that you should be careful or find a Feng Shui solution are East, Center, West, Southwest.

Remember in Feng Shui it’s all about the flow so you may be able to enhance the positive areas or even activate them as well as diminish the effects of the negative areas for this 2022 year of the Dark W Tiger.

If today is your birthday:

Focus on one thing at a time, your insight might be open so pay attention to your intuition, even if you don’t want to hear it, listen to advice.  Your charisma might be high so take it for a spin.  It’s good to be good but not a punching bag of emotions for others, you have your own path but dividing yourself might diminish much of your true potential.  Lear to share your passions with others, it will fill you for now as you grow.