Energy of the day:

Most of the time the energies are positive and today is no exception as the day’s energy is very positive for any positive endeavor, not so good for any legal action.  If you need to take care of anything legal then wait till tomorrow, today the law will not be on your side.

If a Leo perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror, is it to much or not enough umph, be honest, only you and who’s looking back will ever know the conversation.

This year Feng Shui shows the areas of the home or work to be auspicious are the north, south northwest, northeast, southeast! the areas that you should be careful or find a Feng Shui solution are East, Center, West, Southwest.

Remember in Feng Shui it’s all about the flow so you may be able to enhance the positive areas or even activate them as well as diminish the effects of the negative areas for this 2022 year of the Dark W Tiger.


If today is your birthday:

There is a reason you like the outdoors; the sun supplements your vitamin D count so if you do not spend enough outdoors then take a vitamin D daily.   You’re a go getter and like the good life so work towards your goal.  If you feel spent then maybe your immune system can suffer so get enough sleep, exercise and three good meals a day.  Conjure your passion, it’s in you, don’t fear it rather embrace life.