Energy of the day:

Time to take a break from all important activities today, because of the volatility of energy it’s not advised to do any significant activities today.  Anything destructive will be a good thing, take down that old fence, tear that shed down, you get the idea.

The Rabbit, Goat, Dog and Pig will have extra low energy today so for you definitely prayer, meditation, cleansing rituals.

Aries:  Maybe it’s time to take some projects off the table, there is such a thing as to much on your plate!

Libra:  Approach new social situations one on one or in groups with sensitivity and that might be your opening for new relationships and connections.

If today is your birthday:

You need to be careful with too much sugar even stomach issues can be an issue with you, in your family history there could have been twins if so it’s in your genes and either you or your offspring can have twins.  Your place, the place that gives you the best energy is nature, try and live close to water, ocean, river, forest or near peaceful places.  Never hold on to hurt feelings as this can hurt you emotionally, betrayed, leave it to God, revenge leave it to the universe, you get the idea.  Find your balance, inner peace is how you excel, meditate, yoga, tai chi.  Even if you doubt it you will mary and have children, just stay away from problems and torments and your life will have symmetry if you don’t, chaos will always be around the next corner.