Energy of the day:

A great day to do any or all you like, so take a chance today on anything you want to be important.  If it’s one of those animals that have good energy as well then definitely take a chance to pull the trigger on all you think is of importance.  If you are an Ox or a Monkey then you can really take the day for a spin as it’s a great day for you.


If today is your birthday:

A loyal person, you will not let anyone down, I know but you also need to look at the practicality and meet halfway.  Everything does not have to end in conflict, compromise not your values, rather be smart and research before going into battle.  Slow down, life does not have to be fast, same with driving or any other event that can jump the gun.   Life on the fast lane will not end well so enjoy the journey and grow excel become more.  You have no shortcut of ideas, implement them, allow them to flourish and become before your eyes from idea to action.