Energy of the day:

This day’s energy is such that whatever you want to turn out well has a better than average chance to succeed, so pull the trigger.

Astrology is very interesting, a well done natal chart is like a roadmap of your possibilities in your life.

12 houses, 12 signs a number of planets, your rising or ascending sign, midheaven, moon sign all key ingredients to best see your possibilities.  It’s a great tool to find the best day to mary, start a new job, vacation, best energies for everything you are interested in as in health, love, work, success.   Look into the future, days, months, years, very accurate if done right, give it a try and be amazed.

If today is your birthday:

Your spirit is restless, try to learn more each day and know you are not separate rather part of the whole, we are one with nature, only way to grow.  When we step out and see nature as an external then you are out of balance with nature and nothing works well.  You are a creature of nature and must be connected, take long walks, swim in the ocean, connect and you see how clearly all else seems after that.  If you feel overwhelmed take time of your schedule and reflect reconnect with your emotions, compassion for self should be number one.