Energy of the day:

Great energy to initiate, perhaps you should put your plan into action, today is the day to initiate.

Aquarius:  Are you expecting, maybe reevaluate what you have done, then see where you are going.

Virgo:  Look in the mirror, time for you to better see your new path of life, smooth sailing ahead.

*** Coming up on the 7th of March is a full moon, a special full moon where Saturn enters Pisces at 8:35am, a powerful day to do ritual and ask for what you want for your life, for your future.  The eight the moon goes Void of Course at 9:07am, until it ends it’s best not to do anything of significance because of the uncertain energies VC brings to the energies Void of Course ends on the 10th 6:37 pm.

If today is your birthday:

You know not to quit, you are a thinker, outside the box you can use your creativity and make it into something more.  Your dreams will take you far, if you are an animal lover maybe you should look into becoming a veterinarian, the sky’s the limit.  You have spiritual insight, let your dreams show you some future information.  You love to help the underdog so maybe a public defender or other situation where you are helping those who cannot help themselves.  Pamper yourself, don’t overstay or you may get trapped in your own dreamy state, your own fantasy world.