Energy of the day:

Great energy day for accomplishment, so definitely get some work done and it should go without any major obstacles, it’s a good accomplish day so get to it.

The Dog will have an extra good energy day so for you the opportunities will be better than any of the other animal signs.

Pisces: Today is a good day to help the people around you, your nature is to help those looking for it, help them find their way today

This year Feng Shui shows the areas of the home or work to be auspicious are the north, south northwest, northeast, southeast! the areas that you should be careful or find a Feng Shui solution are East, Center, West, Southwest.

Remember in Feng Shui it’s all about the flow so you may be able to enhance the positive areas or even activate them as well as diminish the effects of the negative areas for this 2022 year of the Dark water Tiger.


If today is your birthday:

A loyal person, you will not let anyone down, I know but you also need to look at the practicality and meet halfway.  Everything does not have to end in conflict, compromise not your values, rather be smart and research before going into battle.  Slow down, life does not have to be fast, same with driving or any other event that can jump the gun.   Life on the fast lane will not end well so enjoy the journey and grow excel become more.  Be more passionate about what you want, don’t let the fires burn you, allow your passion but temper them with thought.