Energy of the day:

A wonderful energy day, all positive energy will be good to accomplish all positive endeavors, stay away from any legal matters.

Aries:  Hold and pace, you will know when the right time to pull the trigger on change.

Libra:  Sometimes you must know when some distance will be a positive move even if you feel scared about making this move.


Gemini ruling planet mercury, mutable modality, element air, polarity sagittarius, masculine, communications.

Cancer, ruling planet moon, modality cardinal, water element, capricorn polarity, feminine, key words nurturing, reflective, emotional.

Feng Shui:  Today Place a small pot of water in the NE corner to cleanse an area with potential negative energy for this year.

Today between 7-11am make some noise for 15 minutes in the south area of your home or business, loud music will work, to help you improving relationships this year, also to attain more wealth luck.

If today is your birthday:

Control your anger, don’t lift your hands up in anger especially with children,  you could end up with legal issues.  If you want to travel but don’t have a good companion remember it’s better alone than in bad company.  It’s a fact you will not learn unless you are ready to open your spiritual mind and evolve past your own anger, your own inhibitions, truly there is nothing you can’t accomplish once you let go of your preconceptions and open your mind of the possibility you are more each day and can open new paths, new doors by will alone. Caution with a ticket or other vehicle issues, you tend to be sensual so keep yourself in check or it can get away from you.  You are deep, do not let shortsightedness or attitudes get in your way to your destinations, you have many throughout this life.