Energy of the day:

Today’s energies are smooth so just keep doing what you are doing and all will be well, if you are not on the right footing energetically then for you work on some cleansing rituals to get your mojo back on track.

Taurus: Today if you feel a boost of energy take it for a spin, does not happen everyday so when it does use it or loose it!

The Rat, Dragon and Pig will have low energy so definitely for you keep your energy clean through ritual, cleansings and prayer.

If today is your birthday:

While you were in your mother’s womb there were some emotional issues she suffered and you as the fetus picked up some of these traumas, realizing this you can at some level understand why sometimes you might have some issues with mother, Natural abilities, creative artistic, let go of old family issues and put all your eggs in your basket, try and accomplish without being burdened by outside issues.  Good looking and good talker you will excel at many things but choose one to be great at.