Energy of the day:

Whatever you embark on today will have a good chance for a positive outcome, make sure you pull the trigger on those things you’ve been waiting on for the right time.

Taurus:  Anxi but unmotivated, focus and structure, being scattered will not help you.

Scorpio:  Know when it’s time to take a break, you’ve been pounding the drive, a break will recharge your batteries.


Leo, the sun is your ruling planet, a fixed modality, element of fire, polarity aquarius, gender masculine, keywords leadership, loyal, fun.

Virgo, ruling planet mercury, modality mutable, element earth, polarity pisces, gender feminine, key words logical and helpful.

*** Coming up on the 7th of March is a full moon, a special full moon where Saturn enters Pisces at 8:35am, a powerful day to do ritual and ask for what you want for your life, for your future.  The eight the moon goes Void of Course at 9:07am, until it ends it’s best not to do anything of significance because of the uncertain energies VC brings to the energies Void of Course ends on the 10th 6:37 pm.

Full Moon at 16° Virgo
Exact on March 7, 2023 at 5:40am MST
Most Active from March 2nd through March 12th, 2023

Saturn Enters Pisces
Exact on March 7, 2023 at 6:34 am MST
Active from March 2023 through February 2026

If today is your birthday:

While you were in your mother’s womb there were some emotional issues she suffered and you as the fetus picked up some of these traumas, realizing this you can at some level understand why sometimes you might have some issues with mother, Natural abilities, creative artistic, let go of old family issues and put all your eggs in your basket, try and accomplish without being burdened by outside issues.  Good looking and good talker you will excel at many things but choose one to be great at.